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Everything you need to build a nodejs app/lib with vite, with the simplicity of building web apps with vite.

Currently supports the following features:

  • [x] Automatically bundling dependencies based on dependencies
  • [x] Generate dts type definitions when bundling
  • [x] Support filling in cjs features such as __dirname
  • [x] Out-of-the-box configuration, but also supports custom configuration
  • [x] Support bundling as cjs modules - currently supported, but requires modifying vite's configuration
  • [x] Support for multi-entry builds
  • [x] Support for bundling dts types

Especially useful in the following scenarios

  • lib
  • cli
  • nodejs server
  • vscode plugin



pnpm i -D @liuli-util/vite-plugin-node

Create an entry file src/index.ts

import { createServer } from 'http'

const server = createServer((req, res) => {
  res.end('hello world')

server.listen(3000, () => {
  console.log('server start at http://localhost:3000')

Configure vite.config.ts

import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
import { node } from '@liuli-util/vite-plugin-node'

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [node()],

Then build

pnpm vite build

In fact, this lib itself is also built using this plugin!


entrystring, string[]src/index.tsEntry file
formats('es', 'cjs')[][es]Output formats
shimsbooleanfalseWhether to fill in cjs features like __dirname/require
dtsboolean, { bundle?: boolean }falseWhether to generate dts type definitions
outDirstringdistOutput directory


Environment Variables

Vite naturally supports environment variables, but currently includes two types of variables, compile-time and run-time

  • Compile-time environment variables import.meta.env.*
  • Run-time environment variables process.env.*

Compile-time environment variables are replaced with static strings during project compilation and are generally suitable for web applications. Runtime environment variables are suitable for dynamically specifying values during project runtime and are generally used for node applications.

MIT Licensed